In today’s digital world, social media listening is just another form of finding out how your brand is doing and what you can do to improve your brand to better relate with your consumers. Social media listening allows you to track mentions and conversations related to your brand against different social media platforms. This gives you the upper hand to improve your brand in the eyes of the consumers and act upon these conversations to make consumers happy.

Some people believe social media listening is not effective and does not do much for the brand but on the contrary. Social media listening can give your brand an upper hand and allow room for improvement. It is as if you are a fly on the wall listening to people’s conversation about your brand and putting those so-called “suggestions” into effect to improve the brand. Customers often have insights that can help the brand grow and evolve into a more established and better-recognized symbol.

There are many advantages to social media listening. You can identify new competitors and become aware of what it is they are doing compared to you. You can discover new social media influencers for the brand. And the most critical advantage you can improve customer service.

1. Identify New Competitors

Social media listening allows you to identify and track your competitors. You can set up keyword tracking to monitor all mentions that relate to your products and services. You can discover new trends your competitors may be implementing that could help improve your brand.

2. Discover Social Media Influencers

Social media is the latest and most significant form of advertising. Influencers are all around. It’s just a matter of finding an influencer that fits within your brand. Influencers can expose your brand to new followers that would not have otherwise known about it. Following hashtags and top new feed stories can help you discover new influencers. This is a great way to get your products and brand noticed and in front of a new audience. Social media influencers have thousands of followers and are regularly posting new material that keeps them relevant and allows them to interact with their followers continually. It is great exposure for a brand.

3. Improve Customer Service

Today customer service is always being critically scrutinized. It’s about making the customer feel connected to your brand and having them feel they are getting the most value of your brand. Social media listening can help you improve your brand because it allows you to listen to what your customers are saying and giving you the ability to improve upon what you’re hearing.

Overall, social media listening can provide many advantages to the brand. It’s knowing about how to positively improve the brand and implementing what customers want. It is about putting into effect what you “hear” from your consumers and even competitors and create a better brand based on your listening.