Let’s take a look at some of today’s top brands. Nike, Dove, Amazon, Coca Cola, and Apple. These are just a few of the top brands known globally and they are recognized because of what? They are leaders in brand driven storytelling. They leverage their brand to create a storyline that is relevant, creates empathy, is compelling, and most importantly gives them equity. This can be difficult to do at times, but these brands continue to create engaging storylines that allows their audience to engage with them. Is this the reason for their success? I would not say entirely but it plays a large role. A brand that has a story and is able to create stories based around their brand has a higher chance at being successful and engaging with their audience.

What defines a great brand story?

Being transparent with your audience and having them see and understand where you have come from. Audiences like to be able to connect with brands on a deeper level and feel as if they have something in common with the brand. The brands’ purpose, values, and mission need to be clear to their audience. Brands that have a background story are better recalled in the memories of consumers, especially those that have strong values and a mission.

Brands that MOTIVATE their audience to engage and relate to their storyline creates a movement within the brand. For example, Dove created a campaign called Show Us that was known worldwide and was devoted to shattering beauty stereotypes by showing female-identifying and non-binary individuals as they are, not as others believe they should be via images. This campaign was ground breaking for the brand because it allowed women worldwide to interact with and feel connected to the brand. Because they felt connected to the brand there was a bigger feeling of commitment and loyalty. This campaign not only allowed women to feel more confident about themselves but it also drove up sales across their brand extensions among women.

Dove also has a strong mission statement, values, and purpose. They have a clear definition of these three main components which is another reason Dove is so well known and established as a brand. Below you will see a map of sort that shows the thought process for their marketing campaigns and their product.

Another example of a top brand that tells stories that help consumers connect with the brand is Apple. One of Apple’s top engaged marketing campaigns was for their Facetime promotion. They showed average people in their day to day lives connecting with their family and friends via facetime. This created a connection to the brand that had not been there before. They created a well executed, emotional story that allowed their consumers to connect with them on a heightened level. Click on the link below to view this amazing ad.