Marketers today have to compete with many outside factors in order to grab and keep their consumers attention. There are so many interfering factors that are competing for the consumer’s attention that often attention is not fully engaged to an ad, and this is where the marketer has to get creative. Producing high-quality content and effective distribution is crucial to reach customers and provide valuable content to capture their audience’s attention.
High-quality content is achieved by using material that is engaging and useful to your audience. Using material that makes stimuli pleasant by using humor, music, celebrities, relatable, and having content that evokes feelings of joy and happiness allows for high engagement. Creating quality content provides so many benefits, including but not limited to, establishing trust with your audience, improving conversions, and building authority.
Effective distribution is all about utilizing your segmented audience and creating material geared towards them. This will ensure that they are more likely to engage with the material and pay more attention to it. Their attention will be less limited to other stimuli around them and will be more focused on the content at hand.
Marketers can also segment ads towards consumers by relevance and pleasantness. When your audience can relate to a marketing stimulus, they are more likely to pay attention to it and interact. This is also the case when marketing material is pleasant and relevant. When you can connect with your audience on a more personal level, you can capture their attention and have them remained focus on what you are presenting to them.
This all leads to objective and subjective comprehension of the material. Objective comprehension is whether the meaning that consumers take from the message is consistent with what the message actually stated. So is what the consumer took away from the marketing stimuli what you were trying to get across to them? Often, this can be difficult but is essential for effective communication. Subjective comprehension is the different or additional meaning consumers attach to the message. In other words, if the marketing stimuli are something they have already interacted with, is there additional meaning the consumer adds to the message. Making sure objective and subjective comprehension are both what you are targeting your audience to comprehend is the task the marketer has to get their message across effectively.