Many consumers see a brand and immediately recognize it, whether it be by the colors, theme, logo, or slogan. But what they do not realize is that for you to be able to recognize a brand by any of these, countless hours of testing and marketing these brand elements have gone in to see if they work with consumers. What is a brand element? Which ones should you focus on? Well, the answer is all of them! Let’s break it down.

Name– This is the starting point and where you build your foundation upon. The name refers to words or phrases put together to create your brand. These are used to identify the product and the company. Coming up with a name sounds easy, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Think of brands such as Toyota or Blue Bunny. These names do not necessarily refer to the product that they are, but since they are widely known, more people are willing to pay more money for these brands. So, choose wisely.

Symbols- A symbol for a brand is also essential. It means being able to be identified only by the symbol. Take, for example, Mickey Mouse ears. What does this make you think of? Disney. Or what about birds sitting in a nest? Nestle. It is the identifier for your brand.

Slogans- Some theme lines are so memorable that the brand instantly comes to mind. What makes a great slogan? It’s memorable, it differentiates the brand, it imparts positive feelings about the brand. Some of the most memorable slogans are “It Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands” (M&M’s) or “America Runs On Dunkin” (Dunkin Donuts). These slogans are and likable and memorable.

Logo- A logo is a visual trademark. It is a great way to be recognized in addition to the company symbol. The Nike swoosh is a famous logo; the Morton Salt girl is also a recognizable logo. One that has been around since the early 1900s and has now transferred its way onto t-shirts or social media memes. The Morton Salt girl’s logo has changed over the years but remains consistent with its colors and imagery allowing the product to change with the times and its consumers.

Image result for morton salt girl

Colors/ Fonts– Some of the most widely recognized brands are recognized for their color or font. Take Starbucks for example. They are widely known for their signature green; which they have trademarked.

Coca Cola, known for its signature red and also their font which has been around for years.

Image result for starbucks colors throughout the years

Sounds- A brand can be recognized by simple sounds. It’s when you hear the sound out of nowhere and instantly see it in your head. For instance, HBO with the static and bass note. It’s identifiable and also reminds you of shows associated with HBO. Or T-Mobile with the chimes.

Choosing your brand elements is a personal journey, but one that needs to be carefully thought out. Your brand needs to be memorable in order for it to be recognized. You want it to be liked and have meaning. You want to connect your potential customers to your brand.

Another great feature is for your brand to be transferrable. You want your brand to transferrable across cultures, geographies, and throughout its products as well.

Having your brand able to adapt is also important. You want your product to be able to move and grow with its consumers. Changing the logo slightly or the colors but remaining true to your brand. Whichever elements you choose to focus your brand upon, make sure they work with your brand, and they have longevity.