Mastery of platform marketing is a key skill to advance in digital marketing or your career because it allows the ability to truly digest data and the journey of the customer and make the process smoother and more targeted. Platform marketing saves you time, it improves performance, allows you to capture more value, keeps you organized and secure, and know who your customers are. When you can gain more insights on the customer and personalize the experience you can map out a seamless transition from step to step. This is the beauty of digital marketing. You have so many resources to learn the identity of your customer and give them what they want. You use the data you have to optimize it. Mastering platform marketing allows you to excel in digital marketing because you have the key skills to identify who your targeted consumer is and use the data you have on them and apply it to work towards the bottom of the funnel which is more effective.

The nine-factor framework for platform marketing provides a great foundation to master platform marketing.

Effective identity management allows for adequate analysis and targeting. Even for those customers that create new identities.

Audience management is an excellent way to be able to integrate consumer data across online and offline channels.

With data breaches constantly occurring customer privacy & compliance is the most important factor. Keeping their information private and remaining compliant is having the ability to maintain the trust of your customers and as a brand.

Knowing how to utilize different platforms across all the ones available today is key to staying on top of the market and being relevant as well as media optimization.

Channel optimization is the second most important when it comes to the consumer. You can leverage data to improve customer experiences and ultimately increase conversions. You are focusing more on the lower part of the funnel than the top.

Measurement and attribution factor is bringing all information in from all channels into a form of a dashboard and being able to organize the information and analyze it.

Marketing Technology Stack factor is essential for storing your data management and keeping track of identities.

Organization is also important in keeping data, identities, etc organized and contained so that as the platform evolves and so does the organization.

Keeping all these factors in mind allows you to succeed in digital marketing and your career.